New bicycle paths in Groningen › Groningen Bereikbaar

New bicycle paths in Groningen › Groningen Bereikbaar

New bicycle paths in Groningen

New bicycle paths in Groningen

The bicycle infrastructure in the Municipality of Groningen will be undergoing a major overhaul in the coming years, including the construction of a number of new bicycle paths.

Bicycle path along the northern ring road

This bicycle path will connect the fast bicycle routes (Bicycle Route Plus) from Winsum and Zuidhorn with the Groningen city routes and the Zernike Campus.

Bicycle path along the Groningen-Sauwerd railway

This bicycle path will help facilitate more direct routes for cyclists travelling between the villages to the north of the city and between the city’s north-western districts.

Wilheminakade bicycle roundabout

This innovative bicycle roundabout is ‘imprinted’ on top of an intersection for motorized traffic, a design that will provide all road users with a much better overview and improve the flow of traffic.

Bicycle path through Selwerd park

This bicycle route needs to be widened to cater for the huge numbers of cyclists who pass through this park every day. The footpaths in the tunnel under Plataanlaan (northern ring road) have been modified so that pedestrians no longer have to cross the bicycle path.

Bicycle path along Helperzoom

In the current design, the bicycle path from Saaksumborg to the city will first pass behind a row of trees and then join the road from Tuinwijck onwards. The definitive design has yet to be approved.