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Groningen is a true university town, with more than 77,000 students at the vocational, higher education and university levels. About 30% of these students live outside Groningen and travel to their educational institution in the city on a daily basis. The city also has some 13,500 secondary school pupils, of whom about 25% live outside Groningen.

Regional cooperation

The trains and buses are packed to bursting during peak hours, mostly with school pupils and students. Educational institutions, schools, students, local authorities and public transport operators are working together on the theme of Education & Accessibility in the Groningen-Assen region. Our joint objective is to get all staff members, school pupils and students to their schools and other education institutes on time, safely and quickly, while at the same time decreasing congestion on the roads and in the trains and buses.

Declaration of intent

The educational institutions in Groningen have agreed to actively work towards making the city more easily accessible in a joint declaration of intent. They have agreed that they will encourage their staff members, school pupils and students to avoid using the city’s public transport and roads during peak hours as much as possible. They will also encourage them to work, study and travel smartly.

The educational institutions will make time and capacity available to help improve accessibility in the city, for example by adjusting their timetables, changing parking and travel allowance policies and offering travel alternatives. They will also actively provide their staff members, students and school pupils with information about traffic disruptions, alternative travel options and traffic measures. Accessible Groningen will support the educational institutions in their endeavours.


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